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Top 10 Euro 2012 Car Manufacturers

The most satisfying cars to own from across Europe

England won our Euro 2012 for most satisfying car with the Land Rover Discovery

With the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship kicking off today we thought it was only fitting to hold our own tournament, by pitting the best European cars against each other.

Many cars are not actually assembled where you may think they are, for example the ‘Italian’ Fiat 500 is put together in Poland and the ‘German’ Volkswagen Scirocco comes out of Portugal.

We’ve identified where all the top scoring cars for customer satisfaction, as rated by you, are assembled to bring you the most satisfying cars to own from the top 10 countries in Euro 2012.

1. England, Solihull

Land Rover Discovery – 95%

We may have been written off for the football tournament, but when it comes to the most satisfying car to own England top the charts. The Land Rover Discovery is luxurious, refined and very comfortable. While the Disco may be the owners’ favourite, it would be certain to drop out in the group stages if reliability was taken into account, as it’s rated as very poor according to the Which? Car survey. 

Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti

2. Czech Republic, Kvasiny

Skoda Yeti – 95%

The Yeti is a solid and robust family car that offers impressively low running costs. This compact crossover  rivals the likes of the popular Nissan Qashqai and Honda CR-V and offers a comfortable ride with impressive handling. We also found interior noise to be low, even at motorway speeds.

3. Ukraine, Solomonovo

Skoda Octavia – 91%

Although being assembled in a number of countries, including the Czech Republic and Russia, it’s hard to leave one of the tournaments co-host nations out. So Ukraine gets the third spot with the Skoda Octavia, a car that not only performs well in our test lab, in both saloon and estate body style, but also impresses owners.

The Nissan X-Trail

4. Russia, St. Petersburg

Nissan X-Trail – 91%

The X-Trail has a huge boot (460 litres or 765 litres if you fold the seats down) and a decent towing capacity, this means it’s a great vehicle to use when carrying big loads or pulling a caravan. With low depreciation and a good level of equipment as standard, it’s clear to see why owners rate the X-Trail highly.

5. Germany, Dingolfing

BMW 5 Series – 90%

The 5 Series was launched back in 1972 and has since become one of the world’s most popular luxury saloons. With rivals like the Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz E-class and Jaguar XF, it’s clear BMW needs to keep on its toes, and the latest 5 Series proves this BMW can still cut it as one of the most driver-focused luxury cars on the market.

The Volvo XC70

6. Sweden, Torslanda

Volvo XC70 – 88%

The XC70 has a mix of luxury, practically and off-road ability, as it’s essentially a V70 on stilts. The car’s ground clearance is good, so even rough roads are dispatched with ease. However, running costs are fairly high and depreciation (loss of value) is severe – the XC70 will only keep around 40% of its list price after three years and 36,000 miles.

7. Portugal, Palmela

Volkswagen Scirocco – 87%

Based on the ever-popular Volkswagen Golf, the Scirocco has a sportier look and feel. With an 87% customer satisfaction score, the Scirocco excelled in the performance and handling stakes. Unfortunately it didn’t score quite as well when it came to parking visibility and loading/storage – quite understandable given its coupé styling.

The Renault Scenic

8. France, Douai

Renault Scenic – 85%

The only MPV in this list, the Renault Scenic combines a lot of space for people and luggage with high levels of safety. And it’s a great all-rounder on the road – we found the ride comfortable and both engines we tried, the 1.4 TCE petrol and the 1.6 dCi diesel, offered excellent performance.

9. Poland, Tychy

Fiat 500 – 84%

The cute, retro looks of the Fiat 500 certainly appeal to owners -it gained a maximum five stars for styling. It helps that it has modern driving manners and impressive safety spec. Just watch out for sportier models, which have pretty stiff suspension – especially the top spec 100bhp models, which we tested with 16-inch wheels.

The VW Polo

10. Spain, Pamplona

Volkswagen Polo – 83%

The current holders of the UEFA European Football Championship trophy and favourites for this years tournament don’t perform quite so well when it comes to customer satisfaction of their cars. The Volkswagen Polo is the best they have to offer with owners specifically praising the ride and build quality as well as the styling.

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