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Nationwide customers take double payment hit

NatWest/RBS also affected by a technical glitch


Customers of Nationwide and NatWest have been hit by separate technical glitches this week which have seen some customers go overdrawn while others were unable to use their debit cards or access their accounts online.

Nationwide customers who used their debit cards earlier this week had their accounts debited twice, sending some of them overdrawn. This problem was caused by ‘human error’ and meant some customers who used their Visa cards on Tuesday 24 July had duplicate payments also taken out on Wednesday 25 July.

Meanwhile, some NatWest/RBS customers were unable to use their debit cards and experienced difficulties accessing online banking on Thursday.

Nationwide’s customers to be repaid in full

Nationwide said about almost 705,000 accounts were affected and almost 50,000 will have been adversely affected – seeing transactions declined – because of the fault. 

Customers only became aware of the problem Thursday morning and began contacting Nationwide’s Twitter account about the problem.

The building society has apologised to its customers, promised to correct the transactions overnight and added it will repay any charges incurred as a result of the problem.

More question marks around banking systems

This incident comes just weeks after millions of NatWest customers were affected by its IT meltdown, and hot on the heels of Barclays’ record fine for fixing Libor rates. 

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, said: ‘This again raises wider questions about how robust banks’ systems and safeguards are as consumers bear the brunt of yet another banking glitch. 

‘The least Nationwide can do is keep their customers properly informed on the issue and we think they should compensate those people who have been seriously affected.’

How to complain about financial services

According to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), banks and building societies are obliged to return affected customers to the position they should have been in had the problem not occurred.

While Nationwide has promised to sort customers’ problems out tonight, use our guide to complaining about financial services and let the building society know if you have been affected.

Keep a detailed record of any costs that you have incurred and/or payments missed – both to and from your account – as a result of the incident.

If you submit an official complaint, the building society will have up to eight weeks to resolve it but if it hasn’t done so within that timeframe or you are not satisfied with the outcome you can take your complaint to FOS.

Can I claim for compensation?

If you were seriously affected by this problem you can claim for compensation by asking Nationwide first. If that is not successful, take it to FOS as they may make awards to cover distress and inconvenience but the amount will depend on the individual circumstances of the case.

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