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Sky launches Now TV, LoveFilm & Netflix rival

On-demand films and TV for non-subscribers

Sky launches Now TV

Sky has launched its streaming service Now TV to give non-subscribers pay-as-you-view access to its licensed films, with TV and sports to follow at a later date.

The service will let users watch content through their internet connection just like Netflix and LoveFilm Instant, and unlike other Sky services there is no need for a fixed-term subscription or minimum spend each month.

Now TV will initially only allow customers to stream films, but Sky says it will introduce Sky Sports to the service before the end of the year – with its entertainment channels to follow after that.

To see how Sky’s service compares to others available, read our online film rentals guide.

Pay as you watch

Films can be streamed for between 99p and £3.49 for one-off views, or customers can pay £15 a month for unlimited access to films. New customers can also sign up to a free 30 day trial of the unlimited service. Rival services LoveFilm and Netlifx, both of which offer monthly subscriptions for films and TV, charge £4.99 and £5.99 respectively.

According to Sky, Now TV will offer five new movies every Friday, which will be available a full year before they are available on other streaming services. But it won’t support HD films at launch, a feature both Netflix and LoveFilm Instant have.

Available on Mac, PC, YouView and others soon

The service will launch on 17 July on PC, Mac and some Android smartphones. iPhone and iPad apps will follow later this month, while Xbox users, who can already watch live TV and on-demand Sky programmes if they’re Sky subscriber, can look forward to a Now TV app toward the end of the summer. 

It will also be available on YouView, the new service that bundles catch-up TV from all the terrestrial broadcasters alongside live TV from Freeview, when it launches at the end of this month. Watch our YouView hands-on video and our What is YouView? guide for more information on YouView.

Sky is also planning players for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Roku media streaming box at a later date. Read our Roku review to see how Roku compares to other network media streamers, including the Apple TV.

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