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Three tips for buying cheap men’s razors

Which? reveals the cheapest way of buying razors

New Which? research reveals the best ways of saving money when buying new razors and replacement blades. 

Our three-step plan shaves a few pounds off your annual razor bill without compromising your shave. Using manual blades on powered razors, buying cheaper blades in the same range as your razor and taking advantage of regular supermarket offers will all help to reduce the price you pay for a good shave.

16 new razors have been tested by Which? – read our full men’s razors review to find out more about the four excellent Best Buys and the three Don’t Buy razors to avoid.

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Money saving shave tips

1. Buy manual blades for powered razors – If you own a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor and buy ProGlide Power blades, this costs around £39 a year. Using manual ProGlide blades cuts this to £36.

2. Use cheaper blades from the same range – All the razors and blades in the Gillette Fusion range are compatible, so you can mix and match. Buying the cheapest Fusion blades saves you around £3 per pack compared with a four-pack of Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power blades. Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision powered blades are about 50p more per pack than standard Quattro Titanium blades.

3. Wait for half price and two-for-one offers – Bestselling men’s razors have been on half price or two-for-one offers for up to five months in the last year. In the year to May 2012, the bestselling Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor was at least half price, or on a two-for-one offer, at Asda for 91 days, Tesco for 114 days and Sainsbury’s for 156 days.

Manual vs powered razors

Which? razors expert Matt Stevens told us: ‘Our tests show that shaves provided by powered and manual razors are usually quite similar, but powered blades always cost more. To have a value-for-money shave, try manual blades on a powered razor, buy the cheapest blades in the range and wait until the razor you like is on offer.’

Visit our men’s razors reviews to find out Which? razors are Best Buys and which are the ones to avoid. 

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