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Top 10 car loving regions of the UK

Number of vehicles on the road by region revealed

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Last year there were more than 31.3 million cars on the UK roads and, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), nearly two million of those were new cars registered last year.

The South East, a region with plenty of urban areas, has a predictably high number of vehicles on the road, with just under ten million vehicles last year.

That’s over three times as many vehicles as the next closest region, the West Midlands. East Anglia is at the bottom of our list, with only 1.3 million vehicles in use throughout 2011.

Here we reveal the top 10 regions, as recorded by the SMMT, for number of vehicles in use. The only part of the UK missing is Northern Ireland – also the only region to have less than one million vehicles in use, at 991,101.

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Top 10 regions by vehicles in use

1. South East – 9,691,083 vehicles

2. West Midlands – 3,172,962 vehicles

3. North West – 3,037,938 vehicles

4. South West – 3,007,719 vehicles

5. Scotland – 2,471,019 vehicles

6. Yorkshire/Humberside – 2,469,174 vehicles

7. East Midlands – 2,247,253 vehicles

8. Wales – 1,566,077 vehicles

9. North East – 1,401,914 vehicles

10. East Anglia – 1,306,215 vehicles

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