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Asda overcharges shoppers: are you affected?

Supermarket charged one customer five times


Asda shoppers who bought their groceries online say they have been charged nearly five times the correct amount following a computer glitch.

Yesterday afternoon a power cut at the supermarket’s servers in the US caused a temporary problem. While Asda says it has fixed the problem, customers are complaining that it has left them out of pocket.

Asda double charging

The amount that customers have been overcharged by varies, with one commenter on Which? Conversation saying that she was charged £250 for a £51 shop, while others say they were charged double.

This is not the first time that the issue of Asda double charging customers has arisen. 

My shopping came to £50.96 – they took £250 out of my account. I’m now unable to access this week’s wages as it will take up to five days to go back in my account. They have offered compensation but how do I feed my family for five days?

Which? Conversation commenter

Overdrawn bank balances

Asda has apologised to affected customers and promised to return the overcharged amount, any resulting bank charges and their original shopping bill as a gesture of goodwill.

However, some customers on Which? Conversation are concerned that they will be out of pocket while they wait for the money to appear in their account.

Others said that they only found out that they had been overcharged when their cards were declined when attempting to purchase goods.

Asda computer glitch

An Asda spokesperson said: ‘Our initial investigation has shown that this was an isolated incident, but steps have been put in place to make doubly sure it doesn’t happen again.’

The only way I knew it had been taken out was that my husband filled his car with fuel then his card was declined. He had to call work and borrow the money.

Which? Conversation commenter

The glitch comes just a month after Which? found that customers were still complaining of  being charged twice for their Asda online shopping, a year after the problem was brought to light.

Online shopping problems

The rights you have as an online shopper vary depending on the method you use to pay – find out how in our guide for online shoppers. 

If you shop online – and particularly if you have recently shopped online at Asda – make sure you look at your bank statements regularly to check for for any unexpected transactions.

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