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BT to add to phone and broadband prices in 2013

But promises price freeze until 2014 to follow

BT 2013 price rises

BT is increasing the cost of taking its phone and broadband services from January 2013. 

The price rises, which come into effect from 5 January 2013, will affect monthly line rental, call charges and broadband packages. BT acknowledges on its website ‘we know that no one likes price increases’ and says it has therefore kept charges to 5.9% or less.

BT has also promised to freeze prices after this raise on monthly line rental, UK landline calls, broadband (including its superfast Infinity deals) and its basic TV package until 2014 at the earliest. 

What will BT customers have to pay more for?

  • Standard monthly line rental – will go up to £15.45 from £14.60, an increase that adds up to more than £10 extra over a year. 
  • Call charges – the daytime call rate is up from 7.95p a minute to 8.41p per minute, while the evening cost is up from 1.05p to 1.11p per minute. 
  • Inclusive call plans – for those who have most calls ‘free’ as part of a calls package there are changes to these too. The Unlimited Anytime Plan is going up to £5.15 from £4.90, while the evening and weekend calls version is up 15p to £3.30. 
  • Broadband – all BT’s broadband options will go up by more than a £1 a month. It is also increasing early termination charges for people who leave before the end of their contract.

Is BT allowed to do this?

In a word, yes, but if you are a BT customer who’s unhappy with the price rises and would like to leave, you can. If you contact them directly within 10 calendar days of receiving the price change notification you can cease your service without penalty. 

Our Fixed means Fixed campaign is tackling small print in mobile phone contracts that allows prices to be raised for customers already tied into a contract. This is different to BT’s broadband price rises as there is not an option to cancel the contract if you don’t like the price rise. Find out more about

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