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Cheques hard to come by for bank customers

Banks not issuing chequebooks to customers


Which? has discovered that most current account providers do not automatically send customers a chequebook.

In calls to 18 of the leading UK banks and building societies, just two said they would automatically send a chequebook to their standard current account holders. Only Nationwide and the Co-operative Bank issue a chequebook when a new customer opens a current account. 

In all other cases – except Coventry Building Society, which doesn’t offer a chequebook – the banks and building societies told us the customer would have to request one. 

Cheques still a popular payment method

Which? money expert Dan Moore said: ‘Cheques remain a popular payment option for many people and, in an age when the banks should be bending over backwards to give consumers what they want, making it more difficult to get a chequebook seems very short-sighted.’

Industry cheque u-turn

The findings come just a year after banks and building societies told the Payments Council they would not scrap cheques. The Payments Council had been considering plans to scrap cheques by 2018 but was obliged to back down following public support for the trusted payment method.

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