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Which? tests reveal cheap tech accessories

Saving money with third party products

Which? research has found that tech accessories needn’t cost the earth, with third party options performing just as well as their expensive first party equivalents.

As revealed in the November issue of Which?, hundreds of pounds can be saved on these necessary extras, when shopping for accessories for TV’s, computers and Apple devices.

The savings included using free photo software rather than paying £60 and up for boxed retail versions, and saving £75 when buying an Tesco HDMI cable for £10 rather than a more expensive £85 cable sold by Monster. 

Which? expert James Beardon said ‘HDMI cables are made to meet the same standard, and picture quality won’t be affected by price.’

Apple alternatives 

Among the savings were several Apple products. These included purchasing a USB lead from internet retailer Amazon, rather than the official product from Apple. Despite the cost difference of over £9 between the two leads, Which? research found that both leads performed equally well.

Tests also showed that there were alternatives to Apples Airport Extreme router, with a model from another brand scoring higher and being half the price.


Free software also proved a good source of cost cutting, with many solutions outperforming paid for packages. 

Data Recovery software Piriform Recuva is a free download that recovers lost files, and Which? experts found it easier to to use and more capable than some other paid for programs.

Printer ink was another product where Which? displayed another big saving – by purchasing third party alternatives over official Epson inks for £46 less. Results from the cheaper inks were of a high quality and pleasing to look at.

Which? members can read the full report in our November issue.

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