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Drying laundry inside ‘could be a health risk’

New study says homes may be too moist

Laundry basket

Drying laundry indoors could contribute to asthma and allergies, according to a new study. So could a dehumidifier help? 

Many homes have too much moisture in them and this can contribute to health problems, according to a study by the Mackintosh School of Architecture.

The researchers studied 100 homes and said that the excess moisture could contribute to asthma and allergies. 

If you think there could be too much moisture in your house, check out our reviews of dehumidifiers – including two Best Buys.

Mould spore risks

The researchers said that up to a third of the moisture in people’s homes can be due to drying laundry indoors and that about two litres of water can be released from an average load of laundry. This creates conditions in which mould spores and dust mites thrive.

A mould spore that can cause lung infections when people have weak immune systems was discovered in 25% of the homes sampled. None of these homes had a separate area for drying laundry.

Best products for allergies

Which? home editor Natalie Hitchins says: ‘If you suffer from allergies, make sure you buy the best products to help with this. 

‘We test how well washing machines rinse, so you can choose one that does this thoroughly. You can also choose a washing machine with a sensitive setting or extra rinse function. Plus, we test vacuum cleaners to see how well they retain allergens.’

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