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Dualit unveils new Architect kettles and toasters

First new range in six years has a bold new look

Dualit Architect 4-slice toaster

You can change the colour of the new Architect toaster…

Dualit has launched a new range of kettles and toasters, called Architect, which allow you to change the colour of the appliance without buying a new model. 

The Architect range certainly looks different from its predecessors, overhauling the classic retro looks Dualit is known for and going for a clean, modern aesthetic with a colourful twist. But how will the new range fare in our rigorous tests? 

Available from November, the new Architect range includes a kettle (£79.99), a two-slice toaster (£69.99) and a four-slice toaster (£99.99).

To see how previous Dualit products have scored in our tests, see our toaster reviews and kettle reviews.

Features on the new models include a non-drip spout on the kettle, while the toaster has extra-wide toast slots and a ‘peek and pop’ function that allows you to check on your toast mid-cycle. 

Dualit Toaster Panels

…by purchasing a new set of coloured side panels

Colour-swap panels

Dualit’s classic NewGen toaster has long been available in a dizzying variety of colours, but the new Architect range takes this one step further. 

Rather than buying a new kettle/toaster set if you update your kitchen or fancy a change, you can simply screw on a different coloured cover – updating your kettle and toaster to match. 

Additional coloured panels cost £12.49 for the kettle and £14.99 for the toaster.

Architect models already at the Which? test lab

We’ve already sent the Dualit Architect kettle and two-slice toaster to our test lab. The Architect range is available at John Lewis, Lakeland and House of Fraser and comes in cream, grey or black, with stainless steel panels.

Results will come through in early 2013, so make sure you bookmark this page as we’ll update it with the test results when we get them.  

Dualit Architect Kettle

Matching coloured panels are available for the Architect kettle too

Dualit Architect – first impressions

We got hands on with the new models at a press preview and liked the modern-looking design and smart features, particularly the non-drip spout on the kettle and the handle-bar push mechanism for the toaster. 

We thought the coloured panels were a clever idea, and looked great on the toaster, but weren’t so sure about the kettle.

If you fall for the good looks of the new Architect range, but want to be sure you will still get speedy and energy-efficient boiling and great toast, then keep an eye out for the official Which? verdict here early in 2013.

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