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Which? baby product tests improved by you

We've made changes based on your comments

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Our tough lab tests reveal a lot about baby and child products, but we need comments from parents that use these products every day to help us perfect our testing and put pressure on manufacturers to improve. Here’s how you’ve helped so far. 

We listen to what you tell us about products and thanks to your feedback we have been able to put pressure on manufacturers to make modifications to baby products, and tweaked our own test programmes to make sure we rate products on what is most important to parents. 

You can leave your comments and feedback on any of our product reviews – visit our customer views page to find out more about how to do this.

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Here are some of the changes we’ve made thanks to your feedback:

Pushchair durability tests

Following comments from you on the poor durability of lightweight pushchairs, we altered our durability test considerably, so with our Best Buys you can be sure you’re buying a robust pushchair.

In our tests on irregular surfaces, we now run each pushchair 86.4km along a bumpy treadmill – as opposed to 12km in the old tests – and inspect the condition of each pushchair at the end. 

You can find the best pushchair for you with our pushchair reviews, and discover more about what we put each one through in our pushchair tests.

Bugaboo Bee wheel safety

After reports from you of unsafe wheels on Bugaboo Bee pushchairs, we were able to use your feedback to approach Bugaboo and obtain important information.

Your comments meant we were able to get advice to you before anyone else, so those affected could resolve any safety fears.

To ensure the right changes had been made, we tested the Bugaboo Bee pushchair again after Bugaboo took action to resolve the issue.

If you have a Bugaboo Bee pushchair that was purchased between January 2011 and September 2011, take a look our Bugaboo Bee wheel safety Q&A. 

Better high chair tests

You told us that the size of a high chair, how easy it is to store away and how easy it is to clean, are all important factors when choosing the best one.  

Because of your feedback, we now look at these elements in more detail in our tests, so you can be assured that you’re getting a Best Buy that will not only be safe and easy to use, but will also fit in with your lifestyle.

Visit our high chair reviews and use our compare features and prices tool to select a model that will suit you best.

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