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Which? testing improved by you

We've made changes based on your comments

At Which? we are always listening to you, our members, so we can make sure our tests and advice reflect what really matters most to you – here’s what we’ve improved recently.

In the last year, we’ve changed a number of our testing programmes and put pressure on manufacturers to improve products for you, based on what you have told us.

You can leave your comments on products in each of our reviews, and this helps us to work with manufacturers to make products that are safer and better. Visit our customer views page to find out more about how to do this. 

Some of the recent changes we’ve made are detailed below, and you can see why your comments are so important in this video:


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Better kettle reviews

You told us that speed and noise are the two most important factors when buying a kettle, so we’ve made sure our test programme reflects that. Now, not only will our tests ensure you buy a kettle that is also quick and quiet, we’ll also make sure it doesn’t leak or over boil and has a decent water gauge and a lid that’s easy to open.

Visit our kettle reviews and use the compare features and prices tool to find the best model for you. Don’t forget to leave your comments on the kettle you own now.

Steam cleaner durability

Many of you have told us you’ve been disappointed with the durability of your steam cleaner. So, to address this, we’ve added a durability test into our new lab test on cylinder steam cleaners, as well as looking at how they tackle muddy footprints, dried-on pasta sauce and sticky jam.

We’ll have the results later this year, but until then, take a look at our current steam cleaners reviews, and find out how to buy the best steam cleaner with our video guide.

Grass trimmer tests 

This year we’ve introduced a new test on grass trimmer line feeds (which feed out more nylon line – used to cut the grass – when the old line has worn down) after members commented on how easily these can break. The best grass trimmers we’ve found feed line out automatically and don’t break easily.

Find out more about how we test grass trimmers and take a look at our grass trimmer reviews to find a Best Buy that makes the job of cutting grass quick and easy.

Noisy microwave test

After feedback from you on the irritation caused by noisy microwaves, we’ve added a microwave noise test to our programme. 

As well as looking at how well a microwaves heats and defrosts food, we now record noise when heating on full power and when defrosting. We’ve found huge differences between models – 47db for a quiet one and 62db, three times louder, for a noisy one.

You can visit our microwave reviews to find the best one for you and your family. Don’t forget to leave your comments on your current microwave.

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