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One in three drivers cuts corners on car repairs

Cost-cutting drivers 'in danger' over maintenance

Car owners cutting costs

Car owners admit to letting their tyres wear to save money

One in three drivers admits to scrimping on costs to such an extent they could be putting themselves and others in danger, according to new research.

Cutting costs on car servicing 

Almost one third of owners say they delay servicing their car to save money, in a new survey by Post Office Car Insurance.

Some 15 per cent also say they either never service their car or do so less than once a year.

Drivers aged in their 20s are the most likely to be neglectful: nearly half (47 per cent) say they have missed routine checks to save money. 

The North West is the region with the biggest problem, with some 39 per cent admitting to postponing a service as a result of being short on cash.

Drivers skimping with worn tyres

Fitting cheaper or second-hand tyres is something that 14 per cent of drivers say they do to save money, with the same number saying they currently let their tyres wear down closer to the legal limit than they normally do.

Four per cent of drivers also say their spare tyre is defective or worn below the legal limit.

Owners doing it themselves

Over one in ten (11 per cent) of drivers say they are now repairing their own vehicle, with another 10 per cent relying on friends or family for car fixes. 

And 12 per cent admit to using non-manufacturer replacement parts such as brake pads and filters to save money, with the same percentage also ignoring rattles or other noises in case it costs money to repair.

A further eight per cent take no action on ‘advisory’ notices pointed out during MoT testing.

Paul Havenhand, Head of Insurance at Post Office said: ‘Ignoring a small problem which could be easily repaired will not make it disappear, and could result in the cost escalating with time. Failing to maintain your car could lead to it being deemed un-roadworthy.  Even more importantly, it could make the car dangerous on the roads and put both the driver and others at risk.’

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