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Whirlpool freezer costs more to run than claimed

Investigation finds running costs are incorrect


A Whirlpool chest freezer costs more to run than was claimed on its energy labels, according to an investigation by the government’s National Measurement Office (NMO).

The NMO found that the Whirlpool CO405 chest freezer uses over 14.5% more energy than the manufacturer had declared on the energy label. 

The energy labels supplied on freezers aren’t always accurate, which is why we run our own tests and list the running costs for every freezer we review. Check out our freezer energy cost calculator to discover which which freezers cost the least to run.

How much could this be costing me?

The NMO figures suggest that owners of this Whirlpool freezer could be paying out around £7.50 more than expected per year, which could work out to a lot more then you originally thought when multiplied over several years. 

Which? refrigeration expert Jessica O’Leary says: ‘Having to fork out nearly 15% more than expected in energy costs is a bitter pill for consumers to swallow, particularly in today’s climate of rising energy prices.

‘Freezers have to be switched on around the clock, so it’s vital that the data used to determine energy ratings are accurate and realistic.

‘When we test energy use we measure how much space you can actually use to store food, leaving all of the shelves and door furniture in place, unlike the manufacturers who often remove them. We find that useable space can be up to 25% less than manufacturers’ claimed capacities. This means a freezer can be far less efficient than its energy label might lead you to believe.’

Whirlpool’s response

A Whirlpool spokesperson said: ‘Whirlpool takes its responsibilities very seriously and energy labelling and its stewardship are amongst the most important. 

‘Since 1970 we have had a long-term commitment to resource efficiency. In every part of our organisation we conduct our business with the utmost integrity. 

‘We strive to create cutting-edge appliances that consume less energy and use materials that minimise the impact on the environment from development to disposal. 

‘Some of our best-selling appliances are the most energy efficient and we intend to take our development to the next level, working with the NMO now and in the future.’

The Whirlpool CO405W is no longer being sold in shops. 

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