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Finish and Bosch dishwasher advert was ‘misleading’

But it’s not the dishwasher at fault…

Dishwashers workings

An advert for a Bosch Aquastar dishwasher advert and Finish dishwasher tablets can no longer be shown in its current form as it was misleading, according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The advert said that the dishwasher uses six litres of water to wash 12 place settings – which is true. However, the advert also said consumers washing up the same amount of crockery and cutlery by hand use 49 litres of water on average – which consumers questioned.

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Misleading dishwasher claim?

The advert claimed that washing the same load by hand used 49 litres of water. This was the result of a study that recorded how much water 150 people used to wash 12 place settings worth of crockery and cutlery (144 soiled items).

However, individual water use in the study varied from 14 to 206 litres and concerns were also raised about whether the study reflected consumer habits. 

The ASA has ruled the evidence is not ‘sufficiently robust’ to suggest people actually use 49 litres on average. 

Bosch AquaStar recycles water

What is not contested is the water used by the dishwasher in the advert – as Bosch AquaStar dishwashers use a lot less water than the average model.

This AquaStar model achieves low water use by storing the rinse water from the previous wash in a reservoir and then re-using that water at the start of the next cycle. One model that makes use of this technology is the Bosch SMS53A12GB, which uses six and a half litres of water to clean dishes on the eco-program.

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