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Dyson challenges Morphy Richards vacuum advert

ASA finds vacuum advert ‘likely to mislead’

Morphy Richards challenged by Dyson

A Dyson complaint against a Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner advert has led to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling that the advert is ‘likely to mislead’ consumers.

Morphy Richards’ Lift Away Never Loses Suction 73410 is a bagless, upright vacuum cleaner with a neat trick. You can lift the canister away from the upright’s body to carry it around when vacuuming. Good for cleaning the stairs.

But on an advert shown on the Morphy Richards website claims that the Lift Away picks up more dust in a single carpet sweep than other vacuums in its class. Dyson challenged this statement and also asked that Morphy Richards substantiate its claim that the vac ‘never loses suction’.

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Morphy Richards’ dust pick-up claim ‘likely to mislead’

Morphy Richards compared the dust pick-up of its Lift Away vac against the Dyson DC24, the Hoover Turbo Power UTP1605 and the Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B. It measured the amount of dust picked up from carpet on a single sweep with each vac.

The ASA investigated and found this comparison to be unfair. It came to this conclusion because the air wattage of the Dyson DC24 is lower than the Lift Away, because only one sweep was used and because dust pick tests were only from carpet and not hard floors as well.

Which? has also tested these four upright bagless vacuums. By clicking the following link you can instantly see how well each vac did in our tests – including how well they pick up dust from carpets and hard floors. Morphy Richards versus Dyson, Hoover and Vax.

Morphy Richards Lift Away Never Loses Suction

The ‘Lift Away’ canister can be removed from the main body for more portable cleaning

Lift Away ‘never loses suction’ claim: approved

However, the ASA decided that the advert’s ‘never loses suction’ claim was not misleading.

After independent testing, the ASA found the results supported that the Lift Away does not suffer from a loss of suction as the canister fills. This matches what Which? found in 2012 when we tested Morphy Richards’ Lift Away vac.

Morphy Richards will be allowed to continue making this claim, but the advert must not appear again in its current form due to the misleading claims about dust pick-up.

Morphy Richards has also said it will not compare the Dyson DC24 with its Lift Away vac again.

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