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Could AEG’s new vacuum cleaners rival Dyson?

Which? previews new AEG cordless and cylinder vacs

Two AEG vacuum cleaners

AEG has launched two new vacuum cleaners with some neat tricks – one promises mess-free emptying and the other a full hour of vacuuming between charges. We’ve tried them out to bring you our first impressions.

The AEG UltraCaptic cylinder vac is a bagless model with ‘dust compression tech’. Squashing the dust down should mean cleaner emptying – a boon for allergy sufferers – if it works.

The Ultrapower cordless vac claims to run for up to 60 minutes between charges – a very long time for a cordless vac. AEG also says it can remove hair that gets wrapped around the rotating brush in the floor head, which means you don’t have to.

UPDATE 09/09/14: We have now fully tested both of these vacuum cleaners in our lab. Take a look at our test results of the , and the AEG AG5012UK cordless vacuum cleaner.

Read our hands-on reviews of these products along with full ratings for other vacs that have been tested in our labs in our .

AEG UltraCaptic bagless vac

The problem with bagless vacuums is that they can be a pain to empty. Dust dropping out of a canister into a bin can create a cloud of dust, especially irritating to those with allergies.

AEG’s UltraCaptic may provide the solution. As soon as the canister is full, you use a lever to compress the dirt down into a ‘cake’. Once compressed you then flip open the bottom of the canister and let the squashed dust cake fall out.

It’s a good theory – but does it work? We’re sending the vac to our testing lab for the official verdict but you can read our first impressions of the vac and its potentially mess-free emptying system right now.

AEG Precision vacuum cleaner

AEG Ultrapower cordless vac

The Ultrapower is AEG’s new cordless vac. Powered by a lithium battery, it should give up to an hour’s cleaning on low power mode and 40 minutes on the regular setting.

Which? currently doesn’t send cordless vacs to the lab for full testing but that didn’t stop our researcher getting his stopwatch out and putting these running claims to the test. Find out how much uninterrupted vacuuming we got out of the cordless vac.

The Ultrapower also has ‘Brushrollclean’ technology. This means it can cut away the hair that wraps round the rotating brush. The before and after picture in our review reveals how well it works.

AEG will be launching a regular (not cordless) upright vacuum cleaner with the same Brushrollclean technology. The AEG Precision, pictured right, will also be sent to the lab later this year. We’ll let you know when the results are in.

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