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Energy costs increase with a new baby

New parents use home appliances more

Money being put into a piggy bank

Two thirds of new parents use more energy in their home during their baby’s first two months, according to new research from energy company Eon.

A fifth of parents said their energy usage went up considerably, with tumble dryers, washing machines and TVs all being used more following the arrival of a new baby.

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Energy efficiency in your home

The research found that four in 10 new parents tumble dry clothes more often than before they had a child and a third put on ‘significantly more’ loads of washing. New parents watch TV for three and a half hours more than before. 

With so many things to think about when a new baby arrives, cutting energy usage is not likely to be a priority for new parents. To help you cut costs easily, Which? has 10 great ways to save cash on energy, including advice on how to find the best energy monitor and get the most out of using it. 

Our energy cost calculators will help you find out how much you spend on energy each year by running your household appliances.

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Increasing energy prices

With the recent spate of energy companies increasing their prices, the cost of energy is a major concern for consumers. Which? has been working to help consumers save money on energy with our .

We are asking for simple energy tariffs and for energy companies to make it easier for consumers to switch to the best deals.

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