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Heston Blumenthal launches kitchen gadgets

Sage by Heston Blumenthal range to be unveiled

Top chef Heston Blumenthal is launching a new range of kitchen appliances in the UK. 

The new Sage by Heston Blumenthal range includes 16 kitchen gadgets, such as a fully automatic tea maker, ‘smart’ kettle and toaster, food processor, stand mixer, espresso machine, blender and juicers. 

With premium specifications and innovative extra features, these new gadgets are claimed to help you achieve culinary perfection. But they don’t come cheap.

You can find the best food processor, stand mixer, coffee machine, blender or juicer in your price range by visiting our reviews, which you can unlock with a £1 trial subscription to Which?.

Heston approves, but what’s the Which? verdict?

Which? product expert Jessica Carson says: ‘It’s exciting to see this new range launch in the UK with the backing of such a respected chef. There are some interesting features on offer, but we’ll find out if the performance justifies the price tag when we send these products to our test lab.’

UPDATE 13/01/14: Our in-house experts have been busy trying out several of the new products, and some have been sent to labs to be put through our rigorous tests – click on the links below to see the reviews of Sage’s new gadgets. 

Sage Barista Express (£549.99)

This bean-to-cup coffee machine has a number of handy extra features, including a magnetic tamper and precise dosing tool, which should ensure you have exactly the right amount of coffee to create the perfect espresso.

Discover whether this coffee machine is a Best Buy by visiting our review of the Sage Barista Express.

Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro (£399.99)

This heavy-duty food processor has an extra-wide feed shoot and can slice items up to 14cm long. The variable slicing disc can be adjusted from 0.5mm to 8mm and has a built-in stabiliser, which is claimed to achieve super-even slicing. It also has a timer function.

We have just sent this food processor to the labs – see how it did and if it’s worth buying in our review of the Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro.

Sage Scraper Mixer Pro (£399.99)

This stand mixer has a number of useful features to help make baking hassle-free. The scraper beater has a flexible silicone edge, which should ensure all ingredients are mixed in from around the bowl (especially useful when creaming butter and sugar), while an LED display clearly indicates what speed you should use to combine different ingredients.

If you’re a keen baker in need of a mixer, take a look at our review of the Sage Scraper Mixer Pro.

Sage Tea Maker (£199.99)

Billed as ‘the world’s first fully automatic tea maker’, this is one for a real tea aficionado. Tell the Tea Maker what type and strength of tea you want, and it will set the correct brewing time and temperature. 

It automatically brews your tea by lowering a tea-filled cage into the water when the temperature is right, and raising it once the brewing time has elapsed. 

Sage Smart Kettle (£99.99)

The Smart Kettle has five temperature settings for different types of tea, and a keep-warm function. There is also a normal kettle in the range, with a soft-open lid.

Read our review of the Sage Smart Kettle to find out if it’s worth the price tag.

Sage Smart Toast 4-slice (£169.99)

This automatic toaster (also available as 2-slice) has buttons for a ‘quick look’ so you can check your toast, and ‘a bit more’ if your toast isn’t browned enough. There’s also as an LED indicator display to show toasting progress.

Find out how we got on with the two-slice model in our review of the Sage Smart Toast 2-slice toaster.

Sage Nutri Juicer Pro (£299.99)

Sage claims this juicer will work efficiently and quickly, while keeping juice cool to preserve nutrients and extracting the maximum amount of juice from your fruit and veg. Also in the range are the Nutri Juicer, which featured in the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and the Nutri Juicer Plus.

Find out our expert’s first impressions of this juicer by reading our review of the Sage Nutri Juicer Pro

Sage Kinetix Control Blender (£199.99)

This hi-tech blender is designed to eliminate lumps and create light, frothy smoothies, as well as handling trickier tasks like ice-crushing. It has a digital countdown timer, five speeds and a pulse setting.

Check out what our researcher thought of the Sage Kinetix Control Blender in our hands-on review.

Sage Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker (£349.99)

An ice-cream maker for those who love to enjoy a variety of frozen treats. This ice-cream maker allows you to choose from 12 hardness settings, from soft sorbet to firm ice cream, and keeps it at the right thickness until you’re ready to serve.

We reveal our first impressions of this ice-cream maker in our review of the Sage Smart Scoop.

Sage Multi Cooker (£99.99)

Described as a searing slow cooker, rice cooker and steamer, this multicooker even has a special risotto setting. It comes with six pre-set cooking functions and a keep-warm function.

For more multicookers, take a look at our slow cooker reviews.

Other Sage products

Other products in the range include a Citrus Press, which can juice different sizes of citrus fruit, and a hand blender with attachments for chopping, blending and mashing.

While this range is new to the UK, these products are made by Breville Australia and are already available outside of Europe. Breville Australia (BRG Group) is completely separate to Breville UK, which is why the products have been re-branded. The initial Sage range has been selected from the wider Breville Australia range after extensive testing by Heston, who is Breville’s global brand ambassador, and BRG Group are now working with Heston to develop new products.

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