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Which? previews new Hotpoint kitchen appliances

Hotpoint launches new range of kitchen gadgets

Large appliance manufacturer Hotpoint has launched a new range of premium kitchen gadgets, the HD Line collection, which includes toasters, kettles, a food processor, stand mixer and juicer.

It’s been many years since Hotpoint – better known for their cookers, dishwashers and washing machines – produced small appliances. The new range is designed to complement their large appliances and aims to be multi-functional, reliable, and easy to use and clean.

Take a look at our gallery below to see what new features the range has to offer. Some of these appliances have already been tested in our labs, and our in-house experts have been taking a close look so they can bring you their first impressions – click the links below to find out if they’re worth buying.

In the meantime, find the best toaster, kettle, food processor and juicer for you with our Best Buys, all of which have been able to withstand tough lab tests.  

Hotpoint Digital Kettle WK30EAX0UK – £70

For those who like drinks such as speciality teas, which tend to need water at a temperature lower than boiling, this kettle’s multiple temperature options, including a pre-boil setting, may be ideal. A plain version (WK30MAX0UK ) without multiple temperature options is also available for £60.

Hotpoint Long Digital Toaster TT12EAX0UK – £70

Available in a two-slot (TT22EAX0UK) or four-slice (TT44EAX0UK) toaster, these smart-looking appliances have eight browning levels and a digital control panel.  Hotpoint says the long-slot version is versatile enough to fit any sized bread.

Hotpoint Kitchen Machine – £350

Hotpoint describes this as ‘the perfect kitchen appliance’. Is has planetary mixing action, where the mixing attachment rotates in the opposite direction to the mixer head, meaning a more thorough mix. It also has standard mixing tools for whisking, beating and kneading and additional grating/slicing accessories.

Hotpoint Steam Blender – £200

As well as the usual blending tasks, this heavy duty blender with a glass jug and digital timer can crush ice and steam food, a feature usually only found on baby food blenders, but useful for pre-cooking veg for soup or purees.

Hotpoint Slow Juicer – £200

We were excited to see a mainstream brand launch a slow juicer – something usually limited to specialist juicer brands. Unlike the more common centrifugal juicer, which forces fruit and veg through a spinning blade, a slow juicer crushes fruit and pushes it through a sieve. Whilst it takes a bit longer, the quality of juice is thought by some to be better, and it’s generally less noisy, too.

Hotpoint Food Processor – £160

This heavy-duty food processor has variable speed control and two extra attachments for blending and grinding tasks.

The new Hotpoint kettle, toasters, food processor and slow juicer are available now, along with the Hotpoint Quick Perfection iron and Power Perfection steam generator. The kitchen machine and steam blender will be available from mid-August, followed by a range of vacuum cleaners.

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