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Which? Technology news roundup, 26 July 2013

Google Nexus 7, cheap phones, cheap ink and more

Smartphones Nexus Printer

Top technology news this week on Which? includes our cheap printer ink comparison with manufacturer’s ink, we discuss the key features on the latest tablet from Google, the Nexus 7, and round up the best cheap mobile phones.

We also find that Apple external hard drives have the highest failure rate, and we have guides on how to get the BBC’s five new HD TV channels, what is Smart TV and what to do if your iPad or iPhone overheats in the weather, as well as reporting that Sky’s broadband hub is too slow.

All this and more in Which? Tech Daily

Cheap printer ink compared – see the difference

We tested manufacturer’s ink against cheaper brands and you can see for yourself just what the difference is and how much you could save if you do switch to cheap ink.

Head to Tech Daily to see the resulting test images and cost saving of using cheap printer ink

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is an updated version of its popular Nexus tablet, coming soon with a much improved screen resolution and faster processor.

It’s set to go up against the iPad mini so we list the Nexus 7 key features – find out if our expert thinks that the Google tablet’s features will give it the edge over Apple.

Best cheap mobiles

We round up the five best smartphones that you can pick up for under £200, or free on contract for under £15 a month.

With a lot of choice in this range make sure you see our roundup of the best budget smartphones.

Other technology news

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