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Sainsbury’s battles Tesco over its Price Promise deal

ASA rejects Sainsbury's complaint against Tesco


Sainsbury’s has launched an advertising campaign against Tesco’s Price Promise deal after the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) rejected its claim that Tesco is making unfair product comparisons.

Sainsbury’s complained to the ASA as it claimed Tesco is misleading consumers with its Price Promise as factors such as where the food is sourced from are not taken into account when compared. 

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Sainsbury’s vs Tesco

Tesco’s Price Promise deal compares a trolleyful of goods at the checkout with prices at Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, and offers up to £10 money back on any comparable products. 

In Sainsbury’s complaint it cited its Basics ham as being sourced from the UK, whereas Tesco Value ham is sourced from the EU, making it an unfair comparison according to Sainsbury’s. It claims the basis of the price match policy had not been made clear, while Tesco said this wasn’t a key difference for customers. 

The complaint was not upheld and the ASA ruled that consumers are likely to interpret the claim ‘you won’t lose out on big brands, fresh foods or own-label’ as solely based on price, and details of the comparison criteria are in the Tesco terms and conditions. 

Best supermarket deals

While the ASA has rejected the complaint by Sainsbury’s, the supermarket is not letting the matter lie. Sainsbury’s has launched an advertising campaign highlighting the issue of price verses ethical issues, for example, a loose banana form Tesco and Sainsbury’s may be same price, but the one from Sainsbury’s is fairtrade and the other from Tesco isn’t. 

Supermarket prices

We think supermarket food prices and special offers are far to confusing, and you agree – 32,000 of you have signed up to our Price it Right campaign so far.

Recent research by Which? shows that 63% of people find supermarket pricing inconsistent and make comparing products difficult. 

Big name supermarkets to join our campaign include Aldi, the Cooperative, Morrisons and Waitrose.

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