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Which? finds parents unaware of essential child car seat advice

Only 39% of parents know what's most important

Child in a child car seat

Which? research has uncovered that more than half of parents could be using the wrong information to choose a child car seat.

In our recent survey of 1,448 parents, we found that 54% think the age (27%) or height (27%) of their child are the most important factors when choosing a child car seat but it is in fact weight, which 39% of parents stated correctly.

Your can use our ‘compare features & prices’ tool in our child car seats reviews to find the best one for your child.

Buying a child car seat

We also found that 57% of parents think it’s safest to put their child into a forward-facing car seat from nine months. The latest advice is to leave turning your child forwards until they are at least 15 months, or they reach the weight limit of 13kg (for a Group 0+ car seat) or the crown of their head is level with the top of the seat.

These figures aren’t surprising after our latest child car seat investigation uncovered a poor level of child car seat choosing, buying and fitting advice from a number of retailers, in particular supermarkets.

Asda scored lowest in our investigation with only 4%, while Halfords came top with 72%.

To ensure you have all the right information to help choose the most suitable child car seat for your little one, take a look at our video guide to how to buy the best child car seat.

Fitting a child car seat

Getting the right child car seat isn’t the only thing you need to consider – the way it’s fitted in your car is important too.

Key fitting information is still unclear to some parents – 51% of parents think that a ‘universal’ label on a child car seat means it will automatically fit correctly in all cars, but it doesn’t.

Also, only 49% of parents were shown how their child car seat should be fitted by the retailer when they bought their seat in-store and only 21% were shown how to fit it in other cars they use, such as grandparents’.

Our fitting video gives you all the advice you need on how to fit a child car seat, whether you have a rearward-facing, forward-facing or booster seat.

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