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Five bad luck consumer problems

And how to solve them


Its Friday the 13th and, for the superstitious among us, we’re solving some of the most irritating consumer issues out there. 

Falling for a scam

According to a recent Which? survey, two-thirds of members have been exposed to a scam, or know someone who has, in the past three years. 

Online shopping scams are most likely to catch consumers out, with three-quarters of members exposed to such a scam loosing money. 

Getting caught out by a scammer can be the worse luck. Find out how to spot scam signs in our video guide. 

Faulty products

There’s little worse than a much-loved purchase developing a fault.

Fortunately, your rights under the Sale of Goods Act mean that all is not lost.

You have the right to a refund within four weeks of purchase. Within six months, you can ask the retailer to repair or replace the item.

Train delays

If you’re trying to get somewhere fast, train delays and cancellations are the ultimate bad luck.

If you’re affected, there might be help out there. The National Rail Conditions of Carriage state that that minimum compensation for a delay is 20% of a single ticket price. On top of this, most train companies offer additional compensation.

You can use our letter template to claim compensation for cancelled or delayed trains

Lost or stolen credit cards

Most people know that sinking feeling that accompanies realising your card has been lost or stolen, with four-in-ten Which? members falling victim to card fraud at some point. 

Report it missing immediately, as you should be refunded for any transactions that take place after doing this.

If your card provider refuses to pay out, take a look at our guide to making a complaint.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets are bound to ruin even the best of moods. However, two thirds of people who appeal a ticket win their case.

If you’re planning to appeal a parking ticket, collect as much evidence to support your case as possible.

Find out more about appealing an unfair parking ticket in our video guide.

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