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Which? takes a look at the Honda Miimo mower

Does the HRM500 robotic mower make life easy?

Which? Gardening has just taken a look at the Honda Miimo HRM 500 robotic lawn mower. It mows grass to a programmable schedule – and takes itself back to its charging station when it’s finished. But at a luxury price tag of £2,235, does it really justify its expense?

The Honda Miimo looks sleek and moves faster across the lawn than other robotic mowers we’ve tried out. But we had a few niggles as well. Find out more in our first look review.

A number of robotic lawnmowers have been promoted in the UK this year, and sales are on the increase.  We’ve already tried out the John Deere Tango E5 on a family lawn to see if it gives a great cut or leaves a disappointing finish.

Honda Miimo

The Honda Miimo robotic lawnmower

How do robotic mowers work?

Which? Gardening lawn mower expert Adelaide Gray says: ‘Most robotic mowers need professional installation, which includes fitting a charging station (which can be hidden out of sight) and a perimeter wire so the mower knows where the edges of your lawn are. The wire swiftly embeds into the thatch of grass in your lawn and disappears from view.’

Robotic mowers generally cut in a random pattern, which prevents wheel marks forming, so don’t expect neat stripes. They will mow in all weathers as well, though some do have rain sensors to stop them mowing in a downpour. 

Lawnmower reviews

A robotic mower is an alternative to a conventional mower needing someone to push it around the garden. But unless your lawn is the size of a rugby pitch, is mowing really a chore?  Join our conversation and tell us if you’d be tempted to ditch your lawn mower for a robot version.

We’ve tested more than 80 lawnmowers from the leading brands. Our Best Buy lawnmowers are a pleasure to use, give a great cut and leave your lawn with a neat finish.

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