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Which? Technology news roundup, 20 September 2013

iOS 7, Google Glass, new iPhone and more


This week saw the launch of iOS 7, Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone and iPad. We take a look at the key features that will power the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, as well as Apple’s older devices.

Our Which? investigation into extended warranties  found some high street stores are misrepresenting some of their warranties – and we reveal why you don’t need one anyway . We also got to try out Google Glass, the sci-fi-esque wearable tech that lets you take photos, record videos, browse the web and more. While our labs tested a series of tablets and phones for bacteria, with some rather unpleasant results – we explain how to detox your tech.

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  • Spotify vs the best music streaming service alternatives
  • Helpdesk challenge – top tips to stop wifi video streaming problems
  • How to cut the cost of your calls abroad
  • Nikon’s 1 AW1 waterproof camera – but can it take a good photo?

All this and more on Which? Tech Daily.

iOS 7 – five key features you need to know about

Apple has released iOS 7, the latest version of its iPhone and iPad operating system. We take a look at its neon redesign that Apple claim will create a more functional user experience for iPhone and iPad owners.

There’s a new ‘flatter’ design, the addition of iTunes Radio (which the UK won’t actually see it for a while), a new way of sorting your photos and how Apple has borrowed from Android by adding the control centre, where you can toggle the likes of wi-fi, Bluetooth and flight mode. See if you should download iOS 7 for your device.

The great extended warranties rip-off – Which? investigation

Our mystery shoppers visited Currys/PC World, John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Tesco and independent electronics retailers (Euronics) twelve times each to see just how these businesses were selling extended warranties to their customers.

We expose the companies with the  best and worst practices, explain why buying an extended warranty might not be a good option and tell you how to get a refund if you were mis-sold an extended warranty recently.

Google Glass – first look and five key features

Google Glass is Google’s sci-fi-esque wearable tech that lets you take photos, record videos, browse the web, make video calls and access maps of your surroundings – and, unlike smartwatches, all without the need for a mobile phone. 

We went to Google HQ to try a pair out, see what we thought of the futuristic device that will have you talking to it in order to check your favourite website.

How clean is your iPad? – a Which? hygiene investigation

After swabbing 30 tablets, 30 phones and 30 office keyboards and sending them for bacterial analysis we received some stomach-churning results.

See how the cleanliness of the tablets we tested compared to a toilet seat, and the ways we suggest you clean your iPad so you can safely eradicate hidden nasties without scratching or damaging your expensive tech.

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