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Which? Technology news roundup, 27 September 2013

Tesco Hudl, Surface Pro 2, iPhone 5S deals & more

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This week saw the announcement of multiple new tablets, with the budget Tesco Hudl, Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Microsoft Surface Pro 2 all vying for attention in the run up to the festive period. We weigh up the key features of all three devices ahead of their release.

Elsewhere, our mobile phone experts have been busily working out the cheapest contract deals offered by the major networks for the iPhone 5S so you don’t have to. While we also assess the merits of superzoom cameras and see how they compare to DSLRs.

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Battle of the tablets – Tesco Hudl, Kindle Fire HDX and MS Surface Pro 2 first looks

This week saw three key announcements in the increasingly competitive tablets market. First up was the Tesco Hudl, a budget tablet designed to push the supermarket chain into the forefront of touchscreen devices. We take a look at the key features of the Tesco Hudl to see if it’s a budget device with lavish aspirations.

Next was the turn of Microsoft, as it unveiled the Surface Pro 2 with the promise of more processing power and a much improved battery. Our expert compares the new tablet with its predecessor to see if Microsoft has listened to customer feedback and made the changes needed to make the Surface Pro 2 a contender at the premium end of the market.

Finally, Amazon revealed its latest tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX. We check out what the Fire HDX offers, as Amazon continues to steer its Kindle franchise towards the realms of multipurpose tablets. 

iPhone 5S – best deals and UK price comparison

Apple has just released its new premium handset, the iPhone 5S – that comes with a fingerprint scanner, an improved 8-megapixel camera and a better battery life.

To buy it SIM-free will cost a pricey £549 however, so our smartphone experts have taken a look at the best contracts currently being offered, to see if the handset is any cheaper when bought from any of the major networks.

Superzoom cameras – bigger zoom, better photos?

Superzooms offer 20x, 30x and even 50x zoom ranges, but are they an expensive jack-of-all-trades or truly the one master camera that does it all?

Our camera expert puts one of the best examples through its paces to see if these DSLR alternatives offer enough flexibility to make them genuine options the next time you’re considering buying a high-end camera

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