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Eon scraps Staywarm fixed tariff for over 60s

Pensioners could face increases on energy bills


Eon’s Staywarm tariff, which promises fixed gas and electricity prices for households with someone over 60, is being scrapped from 7 October, meaning pensioners could be facing increased energy bills.

Existing customers on the Staywarm tariff will be automatically transferred to Eon’s standard Energyplan tariff, although Eon said they will be calling customers affected. They will also be offering those over 60 an Age UK fixed two year tariff.

UPDATE 11/12/13: Since we wrote this news story at the begriming of October, Eon has scrapped its Age UK tariff as well. We recommend checking what the best energy deal is for you, across the energy companies, by visiting our independent switching tool, Which? Switch,.

Earlier this year, Ofgem ruled that energy companies should offer no more than four tariffs for each fuel type, gas and electricity, in a bid to simplify energy bills.

If you’re an Eon customer, you can compare your energy usage with that of other customers by using Eon’s Saving Energy Toolkit to work out which tariff would suit you best.

Shop around for a better energy deal

According to Ofgem, around a quarter of consumers call their energy supplier to ask for a better deal. But our investigation into energy telesales showed that some companies don’t always recommend the best deal, or give correct quotes, making it unclear which was the cheapest tariff for you. 

EDF also came under fire last week when it said that it could only recommend ways to save money to customers who have opted in to receive marketing messages.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the right energy deal is to compare prices across the whole market, not just one energy supplier. 

However, the number of households who actually switch their energy suppliers is at a record low. It was recently reported that figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that only 2% of customers switched energy companies in the second part of 2013.

If you’ve been with the same supplier for a while, you could save money by switching suppliers. You can compare deals from different gas and electricity suppliers using Which? Switch

Cut your energy bills

Whether you’ve been affected directly by Eon’s announcement or not, it’s always good to look at ways of saving money on your energy bills.

Our top tips for cutting back include swapping your existing light bulbs for energy-saving light bulbs, which could save you around £60 a year, as well as draught proofing unwanted gaps to stop heat escaping and turning your thermostat down – doing this by just 1°C could save you around £55 a year. 

For more advice on cutting back, as well as what you should do if you can’t pay your bills, you can visit our guide to cutting energy costs.

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