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Which? reviews five of the latest tumble dryers

Our test lab verdict on dryers in the shops now


Our latest tumble dryer tests pit condenser and vented tumble dryers from big names Hotpoint, Bosch and John Lewis against each other. One tumble dryer was so bad we’ve highlighted it as a Don’t Buy – so which one do you need to avoid?

The autumnal weather is slowly bringing a stop to outdoor drying. Going without dry clothes is not an option, so we’ve got some new online to help you pick out a new dryer for your home.

Among some high scoring models, we’ve discovered one dryer that’s noisy, pushes up your energy bills and has some unimpressively slow drying times. It’s done so badly overall, we’ve had to make it a Don’t Buy.

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Tumble dryer running costs

Our latest reviews include the affordable Hotpoint TCFM70C6P condenser tumble dryer. Currently available for £250 from Currys, it’ll add approximately £69 to your annual bills every year.

We’ve also tested the £450 John Lewis JLTDH16 condenser dryer with inside. The heat pump makes it a lot more energy efficient than a regular dryer, so this model only adds £29 to your bills.

Despite the £200 price difference between these models, after five years both will have cost you £595 (including the initial cost). After that, the John Lewis heat pump dryer will start saving you money compared to the Hotpoint – so is the John Lewis the better option?

The only way to know is to read our full reviews, where we reveal which tumble dryer is worth investing in.

Tumble dryers reviewed

The full list of the latest dryers we’ve reviewed is:

  • John Lewis JLTDH16 (heat pump condenser tumble dryer)
  • Bosch WTE84106GB (condenser tumble dryer)
  • Bosch WTS86501GB (condenser tumble dryer)
  • Hotpoint TCFM70C6P (condenser tumble dryer)
  • Bosch WTA74200GB (vented tumble dryer).

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