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Which? Technology news roundup, 4 October 2013

Mobile cover, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Android tips & more

Cube 3D printers, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and mobile phone

Phones break, it’s a fact of life. But should you pay money for mobile insurance in case the worst happens? We look at the cost of insuring an iPhone 5 with 20 insurers to find out whether mobile phone insurance is good value for money.

Elsewhere, our mobile phone experts are on hand to provide 10 tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Android smartphone. 

We get our hands on a Galaxy S4 Zoom – Samsung’s handset with a 10x zoom – to see how it compares with a Canon compact camera. We also take a look at the Cube 3D printer – available now at Currys and PC World – but is it worth the £1,195 price tag?

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Why mobile phone insurance can be a waste of money

With 92% of UK adults owning a mobile, it’s no surprise mobile insurance is so popular – there are around 10m policies in the UK. It’s understandable that we want to protect a device that stores our address book, music and photos but is mobile phone insurance good value for money?

Our investigation found that picking the wrong insurance could set you back more than £160 a year and still leave you with gaps in your cover. Read on to see which insurer offers the best deal and why mobile phone insurance might be a waste of money regardless of your policy.

10 Android tips and tricks for phones and tablets

Chances are that, unless you own an iPhone, Nokia or Blackberry, your mobile phone is powered by the Android operating system. Among the most popular phones with this OS are the Samsung Galaxy range, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One.

Our experts are on hand to provide 10 tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Android handset.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – how does it compare with a compact camera?

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom features a 16-megapixel camera with a 10x optical zoom but how does it compare with a standard compact camera?

To find out we pitted it against the original Galaxy S4 and a standard compact camera in a special head-to-head lab test. Read on to discover the results.

Cube 3D printer – print a train or dinosaur via Currys and PC World

The Cube 3D, available at Currys and PC World, aims to make 3D printing an everyday occurrence. But, while it’s cheaper than most competitor 3D printers, the £1,195 price is still far from ordinary.

We take a look at the Cube’s five key features and judge whether it’s worth selling your car to meet its hefty asking price.

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