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Facts you may not know about your rights

Make sure you stay savvy in National Consumer Week


More than half of UK consumers who bought a second hand car in the last five years didn’t know their rights when it came to repairs, a Which? survey revealed this week. 

Our survey of 1,000 UK adults – carried out to coincide with National Consumer Week – revealed that people could be left out of pocket by not knowing their rights.  

But do you know you can save money by being savvy about your rights? 

For instance, if you buy a second hand car, it’s covered by the Sale of Goods Act, although your rights differ between a private seller and a car dealer.  

Find out more about what to do if your second hand car develops a problem.

Know your rights

Knowing your consumer rights can help you get redress should you need it, get your money back if you’re left out of pocket or claim compensation if you’re entitled to it.

Read our guide for more information on unusual facts you might not know about your rights

Facts about your rights

 4 Unusual facts-NS 

Half of Which? members received a scam email in the past two years, according to our survey of 1,119 Which? members in October.

But if you’ve been the victim of a phishing scam, usually the most you’ll stand to lose is £50, as the bank has to refund the rest. 

Find out how to get your money back if you’ve been the victim of a scam.

Small claims court

Another Which? survey of 2,049 UK adults earlier this year revealed that almost half of the British consumers wouldn’t take a claim to the small claims court because they don’t know what it does or what the process is.

However, the small claims court allows you to claim up to £10,000 in England and Wales. If you think you have a claim, see our guide to what you need to do first.

Which? Consumer Rights

Our consumer rights website helps you find simple ways to solve your everyday consumer rights issues, from faulty products to claiming on your credit card.

Since launch in February, over a million people have visited the site for help on their consumer rights.

Take a look at our consumer rights website to see if we can help you.

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