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Can liquid detergent capsules banish tough stains?

We test capsules from Ariel, Fairy, Aldi and more

Liquid detergent capsules

Find out which three brands of liquid capsules – including two superb value supermarket brands – offer great stain removal and protection for whites and colours.

We’ve just tested 12 liquid capsule laundry detergents from big brands including Ariel, Daz, Fairy and Bold. We’ve also tested own-brand capsules from Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Our tough tests discover which capsules are capable of breaking down tricky stains, and which aren’t. We also uncover the liquid capsules that struggle to compete with washing powder when it comes to keeping your whites white.

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Can liquid capsules compete?

Over the years, our laundry detergent tests have found that washing powders are more effective than liquid detergents when it comes to breaking down really tough stains and protecting white fabrics.

We wanted to know if liquid capsules would be more effective at cleaning than liquid detergents, so we put the most popular products to the test. 

To make sure our tests reflect what laundry detergents have to cope with in the average home, we’ve added three brand new stains – curry, sweat and ink.

Laundry detergents tested

We tested the following liquid capsules:

  • Almat Biological (Aldi)
  • Almat Non-biological (Aldi)
  • Ariel 3 in 1 Pods (Bio)
  • Asda Biological
  • Asda Sensitive Non-biological
  • Daz Regular Liquitabs
  • Fairy Non-biological Liquitabs
  • Persil Biological
  • Persil Non-biological
  • Sainsbury’s Biological
  • Sainsbury’s Non-biological

You can find our most recent test results for washing powder and liquid detergents in our full laundry detergents table.

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