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Which? tries new Bosch Indego robot mower

Will the Bosch Indego mow your lawn to perfection?

Are you interested in letting a robot lawn mower look after your lawn for you? If you’re considering splashing out on a robotic lawn mower, find out what the Which? Gardening experts think of them first. 

Which? Gardening has just tried out the Bosch Indego robotic lawn mower. You can see it in action in the video below and discover the full pros, cons and verdict on this £1,300 robot mower in our Bosch Indego first look review.


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Bosch robot mower

A number of robotic lawn mowers have been promoted in the UK this year and sales are on the increase. We’ve tried out several of these – including the John Deere Tango E5 and the Honda Miimo – on a family lawn to see if they will give you a great cut or leave a disappointing finish.

The Bosch Indego looks similar to these other robotic mowers, but it tackles your lawn slightly differently. It maps your garden to work out the most efficient route and then mows in straight lines rather than following a random path. 

How do robotic mowers work?

Robotic lawn mowers work their way around your garden, mowing the grass to your desired finish, and then take themselves back to their charging stations once they are finished. 

Which? Gardening lawn mower expert Adelaide Gray says: ‘Most robotic mowers need professional installation, but with the Bosch Indego, you fit a charging station yourself (which can be hidden out of sight) and the perimeter wire that tells the mower where the edges of your lawn are.

‘Robotic mowers generally cut in a random pattern, which prevents wheel marks forming, but the Indego mows in straight lines to ensure no grass is missed, even in narrow spaces.’ 

Lawn mower reviews

Robot mowers can take the effort out of mowing your lawn but at the moment they are incredibly expensive, and are only suitable for certain gardens, without dropped or raised edges.

If you want to stick to a conventional lawn mower, you can still make life a bit easier for yourself by choosing one that is easy to use and manoeuvre. 

We’ve tested more than 80 lawnmowers from the leading brands. Our Best Buy lawnmowers are a pleasure to use, give a great cut and leave your lawn with a neat finish.

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