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Which? Technology news roundup, 17 January 2014

Moto X smartphone, best headphones & iTunes how-to

Tech round up Moto X Jazz headphones typewriter

Motorola’s latest smartphone is heavily inspired by the Nexus 5 – hardly a surprise given both are owned by Google. But can the Moto X’s premium features and its moderate price tag tempt other flagship phone owners to buy?

We take a close look at the Moto X, a smartphone that’s designed to recognise your voice so it can pick up voice commands, and even Google search requests, in a crowded room.

This week also saw the publication of our latest batch of headphone test results. Our lab experts test headphone sound quality for everything from pop to the spoken word, but jazz is where you’ll really hear the difference; we reveal the best for this.

Finally, we take a stroll down memory lane in the latest of our series of Which? Tech Time Tunnels. This week we take a look at the birth of the electronic typewriter – a spell checking, self-correcting wonder.

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Moto X – Motorola’s new flagship handset

The Moto X counts as Google’s second flagship mobile on the market right now and follows swiftly behind the Nexus 5. Where the Nexus 5 is all business however, the Moto X is much more personable, both in its shape and its interface.

Not only can the phone’s camera be woken up instantly by two rolls of the wrist, but the handset can also be used almost entirely by voice commands. Its microphone is so attuned to your voice that it works even in a crowded room

Best headphones for jazz music

If you’re a fan of jazz music you’ll want to be sure you hear the full force of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet and Art Tatum’s piano when your listening to your collection over headphones.

We’ve pulled together our top five headphones for listening to jazz based on the newest data from our expert test labs. Read on to discover the best headphones for jazz music.

Typos, Tipp-Ex and electric typewriters

In November 1986, Which? was busily comparing the virtues of not only the humble typewriter, but also the electric typewriter and word processor – a brave new world of digital possibilities.

From automatic spell checkers to instant copying and pasting, these were exciting times indeed, although not everyone was so impressed, with one of the typists whose opinion we sought simply stating: ‘I doubt whether I would go for anything electric’

How to listen to your iTunes music on an Android device

Own an Android tablet or smartphone and confused about how you can listen to your iTunes music collection on it? 

Read our simple step-by-step guide to find out how.

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