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Which? Technology news roundup, 24 January 2014

Phone storage, insider shopping tips & Apple TV

Apple TV vs Now TV, phone storage and tech shopping tips

Do you store photos, music and videos on your mobile phone, only to find that it’s always running out of space? That might be because your handset is full of storage-clogging bloatware.

We highlight the phones that give you access to the largest percentage of your handset’s available storage space. We also reveal the worst performer – a mobile that gives you just 54% of its advertised capacity to play with.

This week we’ve also compared the images taken by camera phones and dedicated compact cameras to see if your handset really does provide all you need to take great shots, or whether you’re still better off carrying around a camera.

Finally, we bring you shopping tips direct from the horse’s mouth, as a former Currys employee spills the beans on the best time to shop, what to say and how to haggle in order to get the best deal on your next expensive tech purchase.

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All this and more on Which? Tech Daily.

Phone storage compared – best & worst revealed

It might say 16GB on the box, but our lab tests have discovered that often your phone doesn’t give you access to the amount of storage you might expect. In fact, on some mobiles you could be getting less than half the total advertised. 

We’ve put all the leading smartphones to the test, including Apple’s iPhone 5s, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Google’s Nexus 5, to find out how much storage space they really have.

Cameras vs smartphones – which take the best pictures?

The rise of the smartphone has seen more and more of us using our mobile as our main camera  – whether out-and-about, on holiday or at a gig or sports event.

We put five Best Buy compact cameras up against five popular smartphones – including the iPhone 5s and Nokia Lumia 1020 – to find out which device takes the better photo.

Industry insider offers top tips on getting a tech bargain

Are you in the market for an expensive piece of tech, but want to be sure you get the best deal possible before you hand over your cash?

We got a salesmen who has worked at Currys and Maplin to spill the secrets of haggling for a better price in your local electronics store – find out how to bag a bargain.

Apple TV vs Now TV – which internet TV box is best?

We take a closer look at the Apple TV and Now TV boxes to find out which is best for streaming all your favourite films and TV shows. 

Find out how the rival internet TV boxes compare for cost and variety of content.

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