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Shelling out on Easter eggs

Easter eggs vs chocolate bars: we reveal the cost


You might suspect Easter eggs are a more expensive way of buying chocolate. But did you know that you could be paying up to 73% more?

Gram for gram, we compared three Easter eggs from some of the biggest chocolate brands with the cost of similar bars – all bought from the same supermarket.

You may be surprised by our results, which revealed mark-ups of up to 73%.

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Shelling out more on Easter eggs? 

In our snapshot assessment, we looked at three eggs which were all being sold for £8 at the supermarket we visited:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk egg with three bars (331g) – gram for gram 73% more expensive than a regular Dairy Milk bar
  • Galaxy egg with four bars (368g) – gram for gram 45% more expensive than a regular Galaxy bar
  • Lindt: Lindor egg with mini eggs (215g) – gram for gram 68% more expensive than a regular Lindor bar

Of course, waking up on Easter Day to a simple bar of chocolate – without all the packaging and moulding – is far less fun than unwrapping an egg. 

But if it’s just the chocolate you’re after, you will get more for your cash by opting for a straightforward bar. 

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Make your own Easter egg

So with such large mark-ups, it could be worth thinking twice about shelling out for an egg.

And with egg moulds costing about £4 it might even be worth making your own – the mould would pay for itself once you had made two eggs. 

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