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World Consumer Rights Day: Fix your phone rights

Mobile phone services should be affordable and reliable


Mobile phone customers should benefit from fair and transparent billing along with affordable and reliable service, according to Consumers International. 

Consumers International has launched a new campaign today for Fair Mobile Service in celebration of World Consumer Rights Day.

Which? agrees that mobile phone contracts are an important issue for consumers. 

And with the help of more than 60,000 people our Fixed Means Fixed campaign convinced Ofcom to issue new telecoms rules to stop providers hiking prices mid-contract without giving customers a get-out clause.

Citizens Advice has also released figures on the extent of mobile phone problems. It said that 28,000 issues relating to mobile phones and contracts were reported last year with a further 102,000 seeking help online with complaints including shocking bills, phantom charges and billing errors.

Your phone rights

For more information on mobile phone rights, the Which? consumer rights website has guides to help you, including if you want to cancel your mobile phone contract early, or if you have a faulty mobile phone

Our website can also help you challenge excessive bills if you’re using your mobile phone abroad or if your mobile phone develops a fault.

We’ve also worked hard to get the rules changed so that fixed really does mean fixed when signing a phone contract. 

Join our conversation to find out how we’ve campaigned for your mobile phone rights.

Consumer Agenda for Fair Mobile Services

The Consumers International campaign is addressed to the world’s telecommunications providers, regulators and other key players in the telecommunications industry.

It’s Consumer Agenda sets out five key asks to make mobile services fairer and more transparent for consumers. The Fair Mobile Services campaign calls for telecommunications companies to:

  • Provide consumers with access to an affordable, reliable service
  • Provide consumerswith fair contracts explained in clear, complete and accessible language
  • Provide consumers with fair and transparent billing
  • Provide consumers with security and power over their own information
  • Listen and respond to consumer complaints

For more information on the Fair Mobile Services campaign visit the Consumers International website.

Which? is a member of Consumers International, an umbrella organisation supporting 220 member organisations worldwide. Which? joins organisations from across the globe to mark the day, calling for consumer justice in all our lives.

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