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Do you have to pay a lot to get a good cooker?

See which cooker brands do best in our tests

Stoves Richmond Mini 550E freestanding cooker Discover which cooker brands do best in our tough lab tests

Wondering what the pros and cons are of each cooker brand, and which has the most Best Buys? Our revamped freestanding cooker brands guide rounds up all you need to know about the big cooker brands, such as Beko, Belling and Hotpoint. 

We’ve collated all the test results from our tough lab tests from 2008 to 2014, so we can give you a definitive verdict on whether each cooker brand is more likely to give you a great Best Buy cooker or a Don’t Buy dud.

You can see the average test score each brand’s cookers get, the number of Best Buys and Don’t Buys the brand has been awarded, and the pros and cons of each brand. Plus you can see how reliable each brand is, based on our reliability survey of thousands of Which? members.

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Best cooker brands

Our updated guide includes all the big cooker brands: Beko, Belling, Cannon, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Indesit, New World, Stoves and Zanussi.

The cookers we’ve tested within these brands have achieved test scores ranging from 50% to 79%, which makes a big difference to how evenly you food is cooked, how quick the oven is to heat and how easy it is to use.

They range in price from around £150 for cheaper New World cookers to £1,600 for the most expensive Belling cookers. But the most expensive cookers don’t always do the best in our tests – our guide reveals which of the cheaper brands are your best bet. This latest guide focuses solely on freestanding cooker brands, but you can also find out more about range cooker brands and built-in oven brands.

How we test cookers

Even cookers at the lower end of the price scale aren’t cheap, so making sure you invest in a good one will make sure your life in the kitchen is a dream rather than a nightmare.

Our lab tests tell you exactly what a cooker will be like to use, before you part with your pounds. We test cookers on:

  • Useable capacity – we use fake turkeys, chickens and roast beef joints to see how much of the oven you can actually use, compared to what the manufacturers claim.
  • Heat distribution – we bake shortbread to reveal how effective the cookers are at spreading heat right around the oven.
  • Pre-heating and accuracy – setting the ovens to high and low temperatures, we measure how long they take to reach the target and how accurate they are.
  • Grill and hob – we see how evenly the grill cooks by toasting white crustless bread, and measure how quickly the hob heats up a pan of water from 15°C to 90°C.
  • Energy use – so you won’t inadvertently buy a cooker that costs the earth to run, we measure and report exactly how much energy each cooker uses.

See our video on what makes a Best Buy freestanding cooker to see the real-life differences between the best and worst cookers. 

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