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Top 10 buggy bugbears revealed

Parents share their biggest pushchair complaints

Happy baby in red pushchair on grassThis passenger doesn’t have any complaints

Every parent wants the best pushchair for their baby and buying the wrong one can lead to all sorts of problems. Here, we reveal mums’ and dads’ 10 biggest complaints about their pushchairs – so you can avoid them. 

Two key factors trump all others when it comes to buggy bugbears: the shopping basket being too small and the pushchair itself being too heavy or bulky. Each of these was cited as as annoyance by 29% of the parents we surveyed in the Which? annual baby survey.

Other gripes included the pushchair being difficult to store (22%) and difficult to clean (17%).

To make sure you don’t end up with a buggy dud, check out what years’ worth of Which? testing have found to be the best pushchairs you can buy.

Which? members can log in to view our reviews. If you’re not yet a member, try Which? for £1 to unlock this and all our other online reviews – from safe child car seats and baby monitors to TVs and washing machines.

Top 10 stroller, buggy, pushchair and pram complaints

In February and March 2014, we asked 2,005 parents of children aged five or under what they found most annoying about their pushchair, pram, buggy or stroller. These are the 10 most commonly experienced problems:

  1. Shopping basket too small
  2. Too heavy/bulky
  3. Difficult to store at home
  4. Difficult to clean
  5. Doesn’t fit in the boot
  6. Difficult to push/manoeuvre
  7. Difficult folding/reverse seat mechanism
  8. Difficult to apply brake
  9. Difficult to get on and off public transport
  10. Developed a fault

To avoid being caught out by these sorts of problems yourself, check out our guide on how to buy the best pushchair.

Pushchair, pram, buggy and stroller reviews

Each year we thoroughly test dozens of pushchairs so that we can tell you definitively whether or not each model is worth buying. With the cheapest Best Buy we’ve found costing just £60, and the priciest non-Best Buy a whopping £1,150, it’s well worth checking our reviews before you part with your cash.

When we send a pushchair to our lab, we test for all of the complaints listed above and many more. We push the buggy on a treadmill for 126 miles – that’s the equivalent of going from London to Leicester – and collapse it 200 times, to see whether faults will develop over time. We also spatter the buggy with beef stew and peach puree to see how easy stains are to remove.

Finally, we send the pushchair out with parents and babies so they can report how well it behaves out in the real world.

All of this enables us to bring you the most thorough, and reliable, pushchair reviews in the UK – meaning that if you opt for one we rate as excellent, you’re unlikely to experience any of the problems revealed by our survey.

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