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Which? Technology news roundup, 4 April 2014

Windows XP, email scams and Amazon Fire TV

Tech Round up

If you’re still using Windows XP, then it’s important you know that Microsoft will end support for the operating system on 8 April.

This means that your PC will be much more susceptible to online hacks and viruses, therefore making it unsafe to continue to use a Windows XP PC online. We explain what to do if you’re affected.

In a week of online security reports, we also highlight the tell-tale signs of a fake email. Find out what to look for before you decide to click on any incoming emails – even if they look like they’re from trustworthy brands such as Facebook.

Elsewhere, we take a look at the newly announced Amazon Fire TV device. This internet TV box not only lets you stream movies to your TV over your home’s wi-fi connection, but even lets you play the same games you would on your mobile phone.

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Windows XP support ends soon – how to protect your PC and files

Microsoft’s support for Windows XP ends on 8 April 2014. This means that soon there will be no new automatic software and security updates for the ageing operating system.

Any PCs that continue to run the XP operating system will become more vulnerable to online security attacks, therefore putting your files at risk. We explain what you need to do to help keep your PC protected.

Email scams – how to spot a convincing fake

Whether they’re trying to extract your bank details or direct you to malicious websites that infect your PC, criminals are getting better at making fake emails look like the real thing.

Tell-tale signs can betray even the cleverest of bogus emails, however – we highlight these so you’ll be able to work out when to click with confidence.

Amazon Fire TV – five key features

Like most internet TV boxes, Amazon’s Fire TV lets you access a range of apps, including Netflix and TuneIn Radio. Crucially, though, it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Read on to find out five of its key features, such as support for voice commands and the ability to let you play Angry Birds.

Nokia Lumia 930 – first look at the Windows 8.1 smartphone

Due for release in June, the Nokia Lumia 930 not only offers more advanced hardware, but will also come with Windows Mobile 8.1 – a new operating system designed to work seamlessly with your Windows PC.

Will that be enough to make it a worthy alternative to the likes of the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5? Read on to find out.

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