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Recalled Hotpoint and Bosch dishwashers still unaccounted for

Electrical safety fault can lead to fires

Using a dishwasher

844,000 Bosch and Hotpoint dishwashers have been recalled

A worryingly high number of potentially dangerous Bosch and Hotpoint dishwashers remain unaccounted for.

The dishwashers contain a faulty electrical component which can overheat, potentially causing fires. 

Of the 844,000 Bosch and Hotpoint dishwashers recalled in 2011 and 2013, 648,662 still haven’t been found. The models affected by this recall notice were manufactured between 1999 and 2005, but they may have been bought after this time.

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Recalled Bosch and Hotpoint dishwasher models

Bosch dishwashers with model numbers ranging from FD 7901 to FD 8504 and Hotpoint dishwashers with serial numbers beginning DWF3 and DC26 have been recalled.

The dishwashers in question were all manufactured by Bosch, but Hotpoint sold some models under its own branding.

To check your dishwasher’s model number, look at the sticker inside the door. It’s advisable to switch off and unplug your dishwasher before checking. 

Which? reported the problem in 2012

We raised concerns over the proportion of household fires attributed to Hotpoint dishwashers in 2012. Hotpoint recalled the FDW20, FDW60, FDW60A models in April 2013 (although it contacted some owners in October 2012). In July 2013 we raised further concerns with Hotpoint specifically about the DWF3 range. It wasn’t until November 2013 that Hotpoint issued safety recalls for the DWF3 and DC26 affected models. 

Hotpoint said about DWF3 and DC26 ranges: ‘We always work in close consultation with the relevant industry safety bodies and initially, due to the age of the appliances involved and the relatively small number estimated to still be in use, it was not deemed necessary to initiate a repair programme.’

Bosch recalled all 632,000 of the dishwashers it had sold back in July 2011.

Bosch has reported 410 house fires caused by its appliances, while Hotpoint has reported 38.

Dishwasher reviews

When we test dishwashers, we look at how easy they are to load and use, how noisy they are and whether they’ve been built to last. 

We smear dishes with minced meat, eggs, oat flakes, milk, spinach, tea and margarine to see whether the dishwasher on trial is able to tackle these classic tough stains.

Only truly excellent models are named Best Buy dishwashers.

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