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Which? Technology news roundup, 23 May 2014

Surface Pro 3, John Lewis TV and Don't Buy tablet


This week saw Microsoft go toe-to-toe with Apple by announcing the Surface Pro 3 – a tablet that the company claims makes laptops such as the MacBook Air redundant. Can the Surface Pro 3 possibly live up to the expectations? We preview the device and see whether it really is a potential laptop killer.

Elsewhere, our senior TV researcher has been taking a first-hand look at John Lewis’s newest TV to see if it can buck the trend and become an own-brand set worth seeking out. We also reveal a Don’t Buy tablet exclusive to Asda, explain the best way to complain about faults with your broadband service and reveal how smart TV might not be quite as clever as we’re led to believe.

All this and more on Which? Tech Daily.

Microsoft announces laptop-like Surface Pro 3 tablet

Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro 3, but is this flagship tablet good enough to turn heads away from both rival tablets and laptops? Find out more about the Surface Pro 3 – a device that Microsoft claims is a laptop killer.

John Lewis aims high with its new premium TV

Own-brand TVs haven’t got the greatest reputation for quality, but John Lewis hopes to buck that trend with a high-end, own-brand smart TV produced in partnership with LG. Find out what our expert thought when he cast an eye over the new John Lewis television.

The Binatone Homesurf 742 – a Which? Don’t Buy tablet

At just £47, this Asda-exclusive tablet looks like an absolute bargain – but is this one gift horse worth looking in the mouth? We reveal why the Binatone Homesurf 742 is not only a Which? Don’t Buy, but is also the worst tablet we’ve ever tested.

When smart TV app support vanishes, what next?

New Which? research has revealed that manufacturers are abandoning support for smart TVs once they are a few years old, potentially leaving people with obsolete TVs. Find out more, and tell us if you’ve got a story to tell of your favourite apps disappearing from your TV.

What to do if you’re not getting the broadband speed promised

A massive 13 million households suffered from broadband problems in the past year. If you’ve been troubled by service faults that just never seem to be solved, find out what your best options are when it comes to making a complaint to your broadband provider.

Curved TVs – are they worth your money?

Concave screens are about to become the latest trend in high-end TVs, but what’s the point of a curved display? Our TV expert takes a look at some of the latest curved TVs now available in shops to find out if seeing really is believing.

Nokia Lumia 630 first look – a £90 Windows 8.1 phone

Another week, another £90 smartphone. Following in the wake of last week’s Motorola Moto E announcement comes the Nokia Lumia 630 – a Windows Phone that will be available soon for less than £100. Find out whether we think it’s a compromise too far on design and features.

OLED TV vs 4K LCD TV and other tech battles

With OLED TV screens seemingly losing the battle with 4K LED displays, we consider tech battles from the past, including Betamax vs VHS and HD DVD vs Blu-ray discs.

Top five tech products to help you sleep

In the world of 24-hour tech it can be difficult to switch off, with texts, calls and Facebook updates flying. All isn’t lost on a good night’s sleep though, as we reveal some devices and apps that can help you to gently nod off.

Helpdesk Challenge – how to buy a new laptop battery

A new battery can inject new life into your laptop, but is it safe to buy a laptop battery from an internet retailer? Read on for our top tips to getting a brand new laptop battery.

Sony RX100 iii – the high-end compact finally gets a viewfinder

We get our hands on Sony’s new RX100 iii – a new camera with a viewfinder and a new 24mm wide-angle lens. Find out more about its key features and price.

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