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Over half of baby car seats and child car seats potentially unsafe

Number of badly fitted child car seats has risen

Parent fitting child car seat into car54% of child car seats checked were fitted incorrectly or were incompatible

54% of baby car seats and child car seats checked at fitting clinics have been found to be potentially unsafe – an increase of 13% since 2010.

Issues found with child car seats checked by Good Egg Safety, an organisation specialising in car safety, at clinics included those that were incorrectly fitted and those that were the entirely wrong seat for the child or car.

Mistakes are easy to make, especially if you’re using a Don’t Buy child car seat that we have tested and found to be hard to fit. But many issues can be easily corrected – visit our child car seat reviews to make sure your car seat isn’t a Don’t Buy, and see our child car seat fitting advice.

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Baby car seat fitting checks

Problems with child car seat fitting included loose or twisted harnesses, buckle crunch (where the seatbelt buckle is touching the car seat and is therefore at risk of shattering in a crash), the seatbelt not sitting securely in the route guides, or the headrest being in the wrong position.

But problems like these can usually be rectified, and will make a big difference to your child’s safety – download our free PDF of 10 simple baby car seat fitting checks.

In 2013, 186 child car seats were found to be incompatible – they were either the wrong size for the child or not compatible with the car. 

Not all child car seats fit in all cars, so it’s important to make sure yours does – it can make a big difference to how well it will protect your child.

Watch our video to buying the best child car seat for more advice.

Baby car seat reviews

When we test child car seats, as well as testing whether they will keep your child safe during a crash, we score them on how easy they are to fit. We’ve rated car seats Don’t Buys because they’ve been tricky to fit, meaning there’s a higher risk of your child being vulnerable in a crash.

Watch our video on what makes a Best Buy child car seat to see the shocking differences between a good and bad child car seat.

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