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Unit prices on Tesco website misleading customers

Which? checked 127 items and a quarter were wrong

Tesco Finest Raspberries

A 150g punnet of Tesco Finest Raspberries costing £3 was priced at £15/kg, but actually costs £20/kg

The price per kilo on a number of items on Tesco’s website is incorrect – this could cause shoppers to unknowingly buy a more expensive product. 

We checked the unit prices on 127 products on the site, and found a quarter were incorrect. The products included fruit, cereals, mayonnaise and tinned fish – types of foods where errors have been spotted in the past.

Have you spotted any incorrect unit prices on Tesco’s, or any other shop’s, website? If so, let us know by leaving a comment on our Which? Conversation unit pricing post.

Misleading Tesco fruit

Strawberries were a baffling case – of two 400g punnets, the cheaper one was listed as having a higher unit price. 400g of Tesco British Strawberries costs £2, so is clearly pricier than 400g of Tesco Everyday Value Strawberries costing £1.75. But the former was listed at £5.72/kg and the Everyday Value pack at £5.84/kg. The correct unit prices should have been £5/kg and £4.38/kg, respectively. 

In some cases, products were listed as cheaper than they actually were. A 150g punnet of Tesco Finest Raspberries costing £3 was priced at £15/kg, but the actual cost was £20/kg. A 125g punnet of Tesco Organic Raspberries for £2.50 was displayed as costing £16.67/kg – the correct price is also £20/kg.

Tesco must fix errors

We asked Tesco why there were so many errors, and how it calculated the unit prices on its website. It said: ‘We’re urgently addressing these technical issues and would like to reassure customers that no one would have been charged more than the item price for any product they’ve bought on tesco.com.’

Though supermarkets have committed to making unit pricing clearer, there’s no excuse for unit prices being completely wrong. We’ll be checking back to make sure that Tesco corrects these errors – and will take further action on this issue if it doesn’t.

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