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Which? reviews the new Tefal slow juicer

Claims 35% more juice than standard juicers

Tefal Infiny Press

The Infiny Press makes juice and fruit coulis

Tefal has launched its first slow juicer in the UK – the Infiny Press. Tefal claims it gets 35% more juice from your fruit and veg than a standard centrifugal juicer, while retaining more vitamins and nutrients. Our researcher took this juicer home to try it out and bring you our first impressions. 

Tefal isn’t the first brand to claim its slow juicer is better at extracting juice and preserving nutrients than standard juicers. Hotpoint and Lakeland both launched slow juicers in 2013 with similar claims. We’ve tested these juicers already – Which? members can log in to find out if they lived up to the hype by reading our full reviews of the Hotpoint Slow juicer and Lakeland Juicepresso.

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Which? previews the Tefal Infiny Press slow juicer

The Tefal Infiny Press is a slow juicer – also known as a masticating or cold-press juicer – which uses a large rotating screw to gently crush fruit and veg and push it through a metal sieve, rather than decimating it with a high-speed spinning blade, as with a centrifugal juicer. 

Our researcher made multiple batches of juice with the Infiny Press, trying out a range of hard and soft fruit and veg to really challenge this juicer, including ginger, kale, citrus fruits, carrots and berries. Find out what she thought in the Tefal Infiny Press first look review. 

The Tefal Infiny Press also comes with an extra attachment for making fruit coulis. It is available from Amazon for £160 (price correct at time of publication).

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