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Which? Technology news roundup, 27 June 2014

Android Wear, mobile signal and nuisance calls


Smartwatches – they’ve not exactly taken off in a big way yet have they? Google is looking to change all that with its Android Wear operating system. An interface that should bring added compatibility and functionality to the struggling tech genre. We take a look at that, plus the new smartwatches that run it.

Elsewhere, this week saw David Cameron left struggling for phone signal in Cornwall. We’ll explain why the lack of mobile coverage was no secret to us (nor the people of Cornwall) and show you how you can check the mobile signal strength in your area with our interactive map. And, we’ll also reveal six ways that you can block unwanted calls coming into your home.

All this and more on Which? Tech Daily.

Android Wear – Google on your wrist

Find out how Google is looking to breathe new life into the floundering smartwatch industry with Android Wear – an all new operating system for wearable tech. Read on for the key features and a look at the best looking smartwatch yet – the Motorola Moto 360.

Use our mobile map to avoid fickle phone coverage

When the PM is complaining about mobile signal coverage you know there’s reason to sit up and pay attention. We explain how coverage varies massively between networks throughout the UK and give you the tools to check mobile reception strength in your area.

Six ways tech can stop nuisance calls

Thousands of us are plagued by nuisance calls every single day, at both home and work. We give you six ways that you can put a stop to the majority of unwanted calls through your phone, your provider or a dedicated call blocker.

Best protective iPhone 5s cases

With an iPhone 5s costing hundreds of pounds it’s worth keeping it safe. Watch our video guide to some of the best protective cases around and see which one suits you.

That Google Glass-shaped hole in your pocket

Believe it or not Google’s smart glasses – otherwise known as Google Glass – costs a whopping £1,000 in the UK. The Which? Tech team lists just a few of the gadgets we’d sooner take home than a pair of very clever spectacles.

Would you buy a second-hand camera?

Photography can be a wallet-sapping hobby and so it can be extremely tempting to buy pre-owned cameras and accessories. Our experts debate the pros and cons and advise you on what to check before you buy.

The only way is Linux

With the recent demise of Windows XP, Linux – a free computer operating system – is looking very tempting as an alternative for those who don’t want to splash out on a newer version of Windows. In this new series our very own Rory Boland begins the process of moving from Windows XP to Linux.

Nikon D810 first look review

The Nikon D810 is a brand new premium DSLR with a whole host of high-end features – find out what our cameras expert thought when he got hands-on with Nikon’s latest camera.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S vs Apple iPad Air

Can Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S take on Apple’s iPad Air and win in the battle of the high-end tablets? Find out as we compare the key features of both devices.

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