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How house-proud are UK homeowners?

Four in ten homeowners put off maintenance jobs


From leaky taps and radiators to broken locks and creaky floorboards, UK homes have accumulated 106.4 million maintenance problems, according Which? Trusted Traders.

Its survey, carried out by Populus, asked homeowners about their home maintenance habits and niggles.
Despite the huge number of niggles, we’re a fairly house-proud nation. Fifty-five per cent of homeowners said they take great care of their home and pride in its appearance, although 37% admitted to putting off maintenance jobs around the house.

Doors that don’t close or lock properly were the most common property gripe, with poor state of decoration and mould on the walls coming second and third respectively.   

Top 10 home maintenance issues

1. Doors that don’t close or lock properly
2. Poor state of decoration
3. Mould on walls or damp
4. Squeaky hinges
5. Peeling wallpaper
6. Uneven flooring
7. Leaky taps
8. Loose carpet
9. Bathroom fittings that don’t work properly
10. Broken light fittings

Home owners in Northern Ireland were the most house proud in our survey – 65% said that they take a great care of their homes.

People in South West England, meanwhile, were the most relaxed about the state of their homes – 46% said they take a great deal of care.

Stephen McCluskey, managing director of Which? Trusted Traders, said: ‘Small problems with our properties can add unnecessary stress to our lives. It’s amazing that dodgy doors are so common in UK properties, especially when they’re such a safety and security risk.

‘Letting maintenance jobs build up can be dangerous. Whether it’s exposed wiring in the home or a problem with the hand brake in your car, an inconvenient niggle can quickly develop into a more serious problem if it isn’t dealt with properly and quickly.’

He added: ‘People are understandably often reluctant to let strangers into their home to fix a problem. Which? Trusted Traders puts people at ease by only giving honest and competent tradesman a seal of approval.’

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