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Is new Aga cooker perfect for city kitchens?

Popular range cooker brand reveals slim cooker

AGA City60 range cooker

The new slimline AGA City60 cooker comes in a variety of colours

The new Aga City60 cast iron electric cooker is tiny compared with the bulky Aga range cookers that adorn spacious farmhouse kitchens. So is it ideal for city kitchens? 

Aga’s new cooker has the classic, stylish looks of the brand’s popular traditional range cookers and at just 60cm wide it slots into the same space as an average freestanding cooker. 

However, a price tag just shy of £5,000 means the Aga City60 will be beyond the budget of most. In fact, it’s more than nine times the price of some of our Best Buy range cookers and 15 times as much as our cheapest Best Buy freestanding cookers. 

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Aga City60 cooker

The Aga City60 cooker comes in 14 colours and offers two design styles to choose from. 

It’s got two ovens and a single large hotplate that can be set to either simmering or boiling mode.

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