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Which? launches interactive financial distress map

How does the area where you live compare?


Our new interactive map, from Which? Consumer Insight, highlights the UK areas that are experiencing the most financial distress.

Over the last two years, Which? has run nationally representative polls of 2,000 consumers across the UK – asking them how they’ve felt about different industries, how they’ve been spending, saving and investing – and how much they feel  financially squeezed or distressed.

For people experiencing some level of distress, we ranked responses ranging from those who were cutting back on essentials, all the way through to those who were defaulting on bills, loans or household payments.

What the financial distress map does

To create our map of financial distress, we used poll responses to estimate financial distress at a neighbourhood, parliamentary constituency and regional level. 

Each area has been given an index score, showing how distressed it is compared with other areas. 

Areas with the highest level of distress have a score of 100 and those with the least, a score of 1. These scores are then mapped on to a fully interactive map of the UK.

Finding pockets of financial distress

To our surprise, we found that some areas of quite high financial distress were located in relatively well-off neighbourhoods. 

Conversely, some areas with low levels of financial distress appear in places that might otherwise be thought of as less well-off.

How distressed do your think your area might be? Pop in your postcode to see how your area compares with the rest of the UK.

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